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About Us

At Pancho, we believe in the power of CBD.

Discovered thousands of years ago and explored by people from all walks of life ever since, cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural source of balance, relaxation and wellbeing. Throughout decades and centuries, it stood the test of time and today, as millions of people in modern societies lead stressful and fast-paced lives, the CBD market is bigger than ever.

That brings hundreds of brands to the same table, leaving the consumer with a very hard choice to make. But the real question is can they all be trusted?

And the answer is no.

In our mission to deliver a safe and effective solution to millions of people who are affected by stress, anxiety, sleep disorders and other triggers on a daily basis, we offer a wide selection of CBD products crafted by certified and reliable manufacturers from all over the world.

Raising the bar high, we represent CBD brands who put quality first. We compare different manufacturers and only work with partners who use certified and legal hemp as a source of cannabidiol. Looking into the future of the CBD market, our mission is to educate the buyers on their options and advocate mindful consumption of quality goods through extended collaboration with industry experts and researchers.